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Do you have neighbors, coworkers or relatives who voted for Bush and other conservatives? Have you been wanting to criticize or even insult them for their stupidity, gullibility, and heartlessness? (They've done so much damage.)

Here's your chance. Choose the desired profanity level and enter the recipient's email address and name below; we'll send your silly conservative an insult.

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Some people would say that we need reconciliation and a lessening of partisanship. I disagree. Conservatives deserve condemnation for the amazing damage they've done to our country and the world.

Sample message (with profanity level of 'None'):

Dear Jim,

Why did you support such terrible politicians as George W. Bush and his conservative buddies who have done an amazing amount of damage to our country and the world?


Conservatives from both major parties are now doing their utmost to prevent much-needed health care reform from being implemented, despite the high cost and low effectiveness of America's market-based system. They're flooding the media with distortions and scare tactics. They're establishing fake "grassroots" organizations that are funded by wealthy corporations. They're likening President Obama to a "Nazi" for wanting to extend health care coverage to the uninsured and for wanting to regulate the corrupt and bloated medical, drug and insurance industries. They're accepting millions of dollars in donations from corporations in return for favorable votes.

You should be ashamed of yourself.

    A Friend

P.S. This message was sent courtesy of Some people would say we need healing and reconciliation between liberals and conservatives; we say, "No way! Never forget!"

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