Christmas Song for Rahm Emanuel

(President Obama's chief of staff who recently warned progressives
to stop targeting conservative "Blue Dog" Democrats -- see story here and commentary here)

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Rahm Emanuel
O come, O come, Emanuel!
And pay homage to Blue Dog Democrats,
Who serve the corporations with glee
And fill the Party coffers with booty.

Rejoice, rejoice, Emanuel!
The Change promised our nation is unreal.

* * *

O come, ye protector, Emanuel!
Ye friend of health insurance companies,
Who profit by denying coverage to
sick and dying patients doubly screwed.

Rejoice, rejoice, Emanuel!
Healthcare reform is compromised away.

* * *

Oh come, ye gatekeeper, Emanuel!
Protect Obama from progressive ire.
"They're fucking stupid," you said of them,
Though they're the ones who brought your boss to power.

Rejoice, rejoice, Emanuel!
The Democratic base can go to hell.

Lyrics © by Don Smith

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