3D Interactive Visualization of US Senators' Voting Records by Don Smith

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Left-click in view, then use your arrow keys to move around in 3D space (with control-key for up and down).
Hit the 'f' key to reset to front view, 'b' for back, 'l' for left, 'r' for right. Click on a senator to zoom.
Move your mouse cursor over a senator to see their name and their details.
In the front view, the senators towards the upper left are Democrats; the senators towards the lower right are Republicans.
The senators' locations in 3D space are determined by their votes in the 111th Congress as reported by http://www.govtrack.us/. A total of 696 votes were cast, though not every senator cast every vote. Senators who voted the same on many bills appear nearby each other; senators who voted differently appear further apart. It's self-organizing. The points were generated from the raw data by a technique called multi-dimensional scaling via relaxation.

If the 3D visualization doesn't work, try updating your Flash viewer, via this link.

Notice how Democrats and Republicans cluster apart, with the moderates in between.

See the similar visualization for US representatives voting records and visualization for WA state senators' voting records.

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