3D Interactive Visualization of Washington State Senators' Voting Scores by Don Smith

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Left-click in view, then use your arrow keys to move around in 3D space (with control-key for up and down).
Hit the 'f' key to reset to front view, 'b' for back, 'l' for left, 'r' for right. Click on a senator to zoom.
Move your mouse cursor over a senator to see their name and their voting scores.
In the front view, the senators towards the lower left are Republicans; the senators towards the upper right are Democrats (scores closer to 100).
Each senator is shown at the point in 3D space corresponding to their "lifetime scores" along these three dimensions: If the 3D visualization doesn't work, try updating your Flash viewer, via this link.

See the similar visualization for US senators' voting records and visualization for US representatives' voting records.

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